Pyörremyrsky nimeltä “Lähtö”

Aleksi Leskinen kirjoitti Desibeli.netiin jutun meidän uusimmasta levystä. Lue koko juttu tästä ja kuuntele levy tästä.

Sekoitus melurock-käänteitä ja sludgen riffilöyhkää muokkaantuu Hebosagilin käsissä pyörremyrskyksi, joka sulkee syövereihinsä kaiken, mitä tiellensä sattuu. Kyyti ei välttämättä ole kovin miellyttävää eikä sen päätepisteeltä odota positiivista yllätystä – mutta näitä seikkoja ei myöskään tule ajatelleeksi luonnonvoiman otteessa. Parempi kun vain yrittää turruttaa itsensä ja nauttia äärimmäisellä tavalla hetkistä, jotka saattavat olla tämän elämän viimeiset.

Voisiko tällainen levy alkaa paremmalla lauseella kuin ”en tiiä mitä meille tulee tapahtumaan”?

Supermassive Festival

SUPERMASSIVE 2013 – ”An Odyssey Through The Underground” at Ääniwalli, Helsinki

FRIDAY 18.10.2013
Circle, Arktau Eos, Hebosagil, Sink, Lightning Dust (CAN), Eyvind Kang & Jessica Kenney (US)

SATURDAY 19.10.2013
Mika Vainio, Radiopuhelimet, Fun, Viisikko, Mother Susurrus, Dean Blunt (UK), Paperi T & Khid, Tähtiportti

- 18€ / one day
- 28€ / 2 days

Supermassive-festivaalin ohjelmiston viimeinen artistikiinnitys on kanadalaisesta Black Mountain -yhtyeestä tuttujen muusikoiden sivuprojekti Lightning Dust. Vallilan teollisuusalueella sijaitsevalla Ääniwalli-klubilla 18.-19. lokakuuta järjestettävän tapahtuman muita esiintyjiä ovat esimerkiksi Circle, Radiopuhelimet, Mika Vainio ja Arktau Eos.

Psykerock/stoner-yhtye Black Mountainissa vaikuttavat laulaja Amber Webber ja rumpali Joshua Wells ovat vuodesta 2007 toimineessa Lightning Dust -sivuprojektissaan keskittyneet pehmeämpään ja folkahtavampaan ilmaisuun kuin pääbändissään. Toistaiseksi kolme pitkäsoittoa julkaisseen yhtyeen viimeisin albumi on erinomaisen vastaanoton saanut ”Fantasy”, joka ilmestyi kesäkuussa Jagjaguwar-levymerkin (mm. Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr.) kautta. Uudella albumilla kaksikon musiikillinen paletti on laajentunut niin Fleetwood Macin kaltaiseen soft rockiin kuin Suiciden patentoimaan primitiiviseen elektroon, ja kuullaanpa levyllä vaikutteita jopa syntikkapopista ja R&B/elektro-rytmeistä. Yhtye saapuu Suomeen nyt ensi kertaa.

Viikonlopun levymusiikista vastaavat dj:t Jugh, Marko Makelove ja Astro. Tapahtuman visuaalisen ilmeen Ääniwallissa toteuttavat VJ:t Random Doctors sekä Klaustrofobia.

Supermassive-festivaali järjestetään Fullsteamin, Sue-lehden ja Svart-levymerkin yhteistyönä. Tapahtuman yhden ja kahden päivän liput ovat myynnissä Tiketin toimipisteissä kautta maan.


Ääniwalli – Pälkäneentie 13, Helsinki, Finland

Näytä suurempi kartta

5.10. Tampere, Porttiteoria #3

Porttiteoria #3
Lauantai 5.10.2013

Elokuvateatteri Niagara/Ravintola 931, Kehräsaari B, Tampere.
Liput 10 € / Showtime 21:00.

21:00 PO/NY
21:45 GUNK
22:30 The Kolmas
23:30 Hebosagil

Niagaran isolle laajakankaalle heijastetaan videota koko keikan ajan. Ravintola 931:n puolella musiikista vastaa huima kaksikko Setä AaKoo ja Silmälasipäinen Asiakas – Psychedelia Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls.

Tilaisuudessa julkaistaan myös tarinallinen zine, joka kantaa tapahtuman nimeä, AV:PORTTITEORIA #3. Tarinan kirjoittaa Jouni Parkku ja kuvittaa Tommi Musturi ja Jarno Latva-Nikkola.

Ennakkolipun voi ostaa Ravintola 931:n tiskiltä. Tervetuloa!

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» Ravintola 931
» Elokuvateatteri Niagara



Lähtö reviews, pt. 2

Antti was recently interviewed by Destructive Music. You can read what he had to say here:

Also, here’s some more reviews.


Metal As Fuck

Always in the vanguard of crazy music, the Finns didn’t lose time and invented Hebosagil. 

This band is utterly crazy, they merge old and new , a scent from Finnish Hardcore, with American post-hardcore, with lots of heaviness borrowed from thrash, the distortion of math metal and the breaks of death metal. It’s a festival on how to go beyond time by going back in time. Walking to and fro, waxing and waning between rhythms… these lads have created an unflinching base with their crazy creations.

… That is, even when the comprehension escapes you, it’s still very, very pleasant to hear them boys making their noise.

Even sounding isomorphic to the countless other bands, if one observes closely, it’s clear they aren’t a copy… of anybody.

No references can define their work.

But a sound like a Padot is a perfect example of their craziness. At first glance you won’t realize anything abnormal, a syncopated drum here, a rap-like vocal there (modern? Yes), and at the next turn you’ll be in front of a kind of a technical death/thrash band a la Pestilence or Sadus… Suffice to say that the aforementioned bands resemble nothing of the new metal. How do they do that? By a strange sense on how to sound seamless, on unconsciously perception on how to mix influences, not just to sound cool, but it’s something that is in their nature.

Hebosagil is a band as strange as their name and that will leave people in awe and that’s for sure. They have my vote.–-lähtö-ektro


Echoes And Dust

It has been a couple of years now since I first heard Hebosagil, a band from Finland consisting of a bunch of young guys. I somehow stumbled upon their first release, the Cosmic EP (released in 2007) and I was instantly blown away by its sheer heaviness. Songs varying in tempo from more slow doom metal to hardcore/punk metal. All with the heaviest and filthiest bass sound I had ever heard; heavy and deep filthy sludge. Mind you, this was before I discovered the Conan fuzz.  The follow up release to this EP was the first full-length album Colossal, released in 2008. This sounded even heavier and filthier than Cosmic. So heavy that I actually have to turn off the ‘bass’ setting on my iPod equalizer and then it still sounds as if my headphones are about to explode. Wondering what I’m talking about do you? Well, just listen to this.

A few split releases and another EP later they released their next full-length Ura in 2011. This release surprised me as it still has that characteristic heaviness to their sound, but on the other hand this filthy bass sound was less filthy, a bit cleaner really, though still heavier and filthier than your average band. Their vocals were more in the front of the mix as well, more clearly understandable. And their overall sound had changed from filthy sludge/doom/hardcore metal to more sludge/hardcore noise-rock.

They now released their latest offering Lähtö and they follow this “new” line started on Ura nicely, with a similar sound, vocals in the front of the mix, very punky up tempo songs, but still sounding heavy and filthy. Although I no longer have to switch off the ‘bass’ setting on my equalizer.  Their current sound can probably best be described as “punk sludge ‘n’ roll”.

As said the band is from Finland and I have to give them credits for continuously keeping to their roots as they completely sing in Finnish. Is this putting me off? Not me personally no as I’m not a lyrics person. Some people may find it annoying that they won’t be able to understand what the songs are about though. The album title “Lähtö” translates to “departure”, which I interpret as maybe entering a new era for Hebosagil, as in a major step forward from their old heavy filthy sludge/doom sound.

Musically this is probably Hebosagil’s most accessible album and I hope it opens more doors for them (read: make them come to the UK, preferably Scotland, do some awesome gigs. I need to see these guys live for sure!). Each song still slams you in the face and gets stuck in your brains. Whilst they always made me want to bang my head severely, their new material on this album actually wants me to climb on stage and throw myself into the wildest mosh pit to frantically start moshing and slamming around the place.

If you like your music heavy with plenty of sludge, but also good up tempo punk/hardcore rhythms, then you should jump on the Hebosagil bandwagon. These guys deserve more recognition, as they have been working hard over the last decade producing some phenomenal releases. I really hope the gig promoters from outside Finland will pick up on them and start booking them!


Ghost Cult Magazine

Hebosagil may be the angriest-sounding band in Finland right now. Their third album, Lähtö, is 26 minutes of pure abrasive punk sludge. Over all too quickly, it’s the dirty rock and roll album for a drunken brawl.

The five-piece, made up of vocalist Tatu Junno, Remi Rousselle & Antti Karjalainen on guitars, bassist Oskari Kähkönen and Pete Miettunen on Drums, channel Hardcore punk through the swampy grime of acts such as Superjoint Ritual and EyeHateGod.

The noise these guys create is frantic, unhinged. Swinging from dirty, grimy stoner riffs to all out furious punk shredding. From opener ‘Ei ole mitään mihin palata’ to closer ‘Juippi’, frontman Junno’s vocals often take center-stage. Though speaking in his native Finnish, his gravelly barks suite the chaos the rest of the band creates, the rage is on show for all to hear.

It’s hard not to enjoy Hebosagil. The album is full of short sharp shocks to they system, each one brimming with whiplash-inducing riffs. One of the later highlights, ‘Valmis Mihin Vaan’, opens with a hypnotically headbanging before letting loose and shifting up the gears for some extra aggression. But despite how noise some and abrasive the music is, it retains the rock and roll quality that makes it fun.

In many ways, Hebosagil are Finland’s answer to Orange Goblin; plenty of dirty rock grooves, gravelly vocalist, and it all sounds great fun. At 26 minutes, Lähtö doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It arrives, makes a lot of noise, and leaves. A brilliant dose of grimy, jagged rock and roll.